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Individually tailored medicine, modern diagnosis technologies, pulse diagnostics, preventative medicine, performance-enhancing medicine.


Superior-quality natural supplements. Most advanced health technology worldwide. Highly bioavailable cosmetics on a food basis.


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Neomed Therapy Center, Chersonissos Crete

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Neomed Therapy Center, Chersonissos Crete

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The NEOMED Centre process begins with a very precise analysis. When we determine the “why”, the “how” happens on its own. The analysis always forms the basis of well-founded counselling and optimally-suited orientation.

The ultimate goal is to detect and treat the origin of the problem and not the symptoms alone, therefore, not to suppress them for every price. Human is not only made of body, mind and soul, it is much more complex, and we would like to use our resources, methods and time to enlighten you. 

The most effective medicine is the preventative one and the natural healing power that resides within each of us. The greatest healer is already embedded within yourself, and this enables us to accompany you as you deserve. uses cookies to improve your experience. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish.